First public gathering of CogniCity OSS contributors

As part of AHA Center’s 2021 Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics Innovation Expo (HELIX), Yayasan Peta Bencana organized the first public gathering of contributors to CogniCity OSS as part of a session titled “Urban Collective Intelligence: From Crowd Sourcing to Crowd logistics”. Bringing together experts with a diverse set of backgrounds and experience in utilizing and contributing to CogniCity OSS, the public session explored how the design and development of open source systems can harness the power of crowdsourcing to aid disaster and humanitarian response and recovery.

Speakers included Etienne Turpin, co-founder of CogniCity OSS; Ferth Manasay, Project Manager of in the Philippines; Daisy Tam, Founder of Breadline; Deepthi Chand Alagandula, Director and Co-Founder at CivicDataLab in India; Nguyen Minh-Tam, Former Project Manager at Smart Saigon; and Nashin Mahtani, director of Yayasan Peta Bencana.

Highlighting the relationship between software and social behaviours, the session discussed how a multi-sectoral design methodology is helping to shape the development of softwares for next generation disaster risk management and logistic coordination. The session expanded on the significance of open source networks as critical knowledge sharing infrastructures for the ASEAN context; allowing experts from different backgrounds and geographies to share, exchange, and create ideas for the future of humanitarian management.