Peta Bencana joins BNPB to celebrate Disaster Risk Reduction Month!

To commemorate the Month for Disaster Risk Reduction (Bulan PRB), BNPB hosted an annual event in Balikpapan on 12-14 October 2022, where PetaBencana was invited to participate as a speaker and exhibitor. We set up our famous 3D mural at the event, and hundreds of emergency managers from provincial and local disaster management agencies (BPBDs) all across Indonesia, stopped by to take selfies and practice simulating reports via was successfully carried out and Peta Bencana contributed to presenting the platform on the Ignite Stage and taking selfies with BPBD colleagues from all over Indonesia at our booth.

The opening of the 2022 Disaster Risk Reduction Month Commemoration was held on October 12, 2022, at the BSCC Dome, Balikpapan City. This event was opened by the Deputy for Prevention, Prasinta Dewi, followed by the opening of a disaster preparedness exhibition where stakeholders representing Representatives of the Provincial Government, Ministry of Institutions (BMKG, BASARNAS, BPBD), NGOs / DRR Communities, Business Institutions, and SMEs and Universities, had the opportunity to showcase their work in DRR.

Yayasan Peta Bencana’s involvement in the events was a great way to strengthen the understanding of colleagues in the government, especially BPBDs, business institutions, and the community regarding our efforts to #ReduceRiskTogether by involving public participation in disaster risk reduction. During the session, we showcased our two-way disaster reporting features, which allow for greater coordination among government agencies and the public.

Thank you to everyone who visited, took selfies, learned how to submit disaster reports! We are excited to continue the collaborations and strengthen the network of people who are able to harness the data from in order to make evidence-based, coordinated decisions during disasters, and save lives!