Disaster Risk Reduction Ambassadors

Yayasan Peta Bencana offers numerous opportunities for young leaders to make a difference in their communities!

When you sign up to become a Disaster Risk Reduction Ambassador, you are joining a nation-wide community to strengthen community-based resilience for Indonesia. You can also learn new skills, improve your resume, meet new people, and make meaningful differences in the lives of others and for your country. Sign up today!

Sign up and receive: 

  • Official Certificate signed by BNPB, USAID, and Yayasan PetaBencana
  • Receive financial grants from Yayasan Peta Bencana to support your DRR initiatives
  • Digital Training Modules on Disaster Awareness, Preparedness, and Risk Reduction
  • Access to free skill-building Webinars
  • Support to become a community preparedness instructor so that you can train younger students and your local community
  • Materials and activity plans to host campaigns and social events to motivate your peers to prepare in case of a disaster
  • Opportunity to contribute as a youth media “correspondent” for PetaBencana.id 
  • Connect with your DRR peers in Indonesia & the Philippines to make lasting connections with a new generation of youth leaders
  • Monthly challenges to practice your skills and win exclusive prizes
  • Join our annual youth camp (Jambore) events in cities across Indonesia* (2022 event tbc)

What do Disaster Risk Reduction Ambassadors do? 

DRR Ambassadors are leaders in their schools and communities who support the residents of Indonesia in reducing risk from disasters. During emergency events, DRR Ambassadors take active roles in reporting real-time disaster information to PetaBencana.id, helping neighbors, emergency agencies, and humanitarian agencies better understand and respond to on-the-ground situations. We know you have the most up-to-date information, and by sharing it with PetaBencana.id through social media, you are supporting humanitarian agencies, government agencies, and your neighbors in more effectively responding to, and recovering from disasters. DRR Ambassadors also help build community-based resilience by spreading disaster awareness and engaging their communities in activities to become disaster prepared. DRR Ambassadors are young leaders making a difference in their communities and supporting a stronger Indonesia!

Still have questions? Check our FAQ or send us an email at info@petabencana.id !