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Become a Sustaining Partner: is available as a free online risk map, accessible to any resident in Indonesia to view and share accurate information in real time during emergencies. As the Foundation strives for economic sustainability, we are now proud to offer customized flood alerts to our Sustaining Partners in Indonesia.

Customized flood alerts help to further ensure the safety of employees and family members. Staying notified helps to avoid locations of flooded areas; thereby staying safe, saving time, and minimizing personal and business losses. Contact us to find out more.

Fund open data & open software for climate adaptation:

Help us keep the map running as a free platform, so that everyone in Indonesia can have access to time critical information.

Bring to Your Location: has been used by millions of resident users, government and non-government agencies, and local and international NGOs to increase resilience, minimize loss, and co-ordinate response during emergency events. The platform is now being further developed to address additional hazards and other geographies in Indonesia. If you would like to see implemented in your area, please contact us or you can schedule a meeting here.