2017 Asia GeoSpatial Excellence Award

quote open .     Our Jury believes that National Disaster Management Authority’s project PetaBencana.id demonstrates the power of geospatial information and technology in impacting the lives of people at grassroots level and strengthening disaster preparedness, thereby highlighting its role as a tool in socio-economic development.          quote close

The National Disaster Management Agency of Indonesia (BNPB) received the 2017 Asia GeoSpatial Excellence Award for their implementation of PetaBencana.id. The award recognizes the application of geospatial technologies to strengthen resident engagement.

Jakarta Governor Endorses PetaBencana.id


quote open .     Jakarta citizens, be cautious of flooded areas…Check the locations of flooded areas on PetaBencana.id…Here are some screenshots of yesterday’s flood, in the morning, afternoon, and evening.          quote close

The governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, posted annotated screen captures of Petabencana.id to his Instagram account during the 2017 monsoon season, calling for residents to check the map in order to stay informed. In a story about the Governor’s social media usage, MetroTV News described how emergency management agencies were able to respond to the flooding situation immediately because of the platform.

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OECD features PetaBencana.id as a Case Study


quote open .   …since 2015, BNPB has used the platform as part of its daily emergency management operations, representing a breakthrough in information exchange with citizens.        quote close

PetaBencana.id is featured as a case study in OECD’s report on innovative governance practices. The report commends the unintrusive integration of the platform into the National Disaster Management Agency’s existing disaster risk management information ecosystem, representing a major advance on the agency’s previous information dissemination systems.

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ODI Showcase Award


quote open .     The map – and the software and data behind it – are shared openly, so can be integrated into systems from government agencies and NGOs tasked with responding to the flooding. This offers a practical solution for developing platforms of civic co-management in cities facing extreme weather events.          quote close

The pilot project, PetaJakarta.org, was the recipient of the 2016 ODI Showcase Award. The award supports projects that demonstrate how open data can be used to benefit individuals, organisations, and society.

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FCC Recommends the Project as a Model for Disaster Information Crowdsourcing


quote open .     To what extent would it be possible to leverage this model as a best practice for automated crowdsourcing of reliable emergency response data, using regulated alerting platforms in the United States?          quote close

In 2016, the Federal Communication Commission of the United States recommended the pilot project, PetaJakarta.org, as the best model for a new disaster information crowdsourcing platform.

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The Guardian Media Feature


quote open .     Perhaps the most significant success of the system was its use by the Jakarta emergency management agency (BPBD DKI Jakarta). In 2015 the agency used PetaJakarta.org as an early warning system, allowing it to identify and cross-verify locations of flooding, speed up its response, and communicate with residents in flood-affected areas in real-time.      quote close

In a Guardian op-ed for the Public Leaders Network, the project co-directors highlighted the success of PetaJakarta.org in enabling the Jakarta Emergency Management Agency to increase response times and share critical information with residents during flood events.  

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IFRC recommends the project as model for disaster response


quote open .     …a tool that responds to the way disasters actually unfold and the way people really react, rather than predicted or idealized projections of behaviour.          quote close

The 2015 World Disasters Report recognizes the role that local actors play in emergency situations. The pilot project, PetaJakarta.org, was recommended as a model for empowering local actors and changing the nature of community-level disaster response.

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Parliament of Australia Commends Project as Example of Best Practice


quote open .     … when we talk about not just Australia but disaster management, knowing when and where the flood is going to reach and aligning that with the information that you could provide through Twitter and layer the two together, then the capability of managing disasters of a great variation would be very useful. That is why the issue around this type of technology, working across a number of fields, could be really useful.          quote close

In a deposition to the Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications of the Government of Australia, project co-director Dr. Tomas Holderness recommended PetaJakarta.org as model for transforming social media into actionable information for residents and decision makers. The project was commended for its ability to work and integrate data openly across multiple fields.

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National Geographic Media Feature


quote open .   PetaJakarta.org enables the residents of Jakarta to easily understand the locations of flooded areas…        quote close

In an article titled “Now Jakarta Residents Can Know the Locations of Flooded Areas,” National Geographic Indonesia described how the platform has increased situational knowledge among residents and has become a tool for critical information sharing and dissemination in Jakarta.

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Twitter #DataGrant


quote open .  By leveraging Twitter’s real time information network, PetaJakarta.org uses social data to help improve the lives of millions of people.     quote close

In 2013, PetaJakarta.org was selected as one of six recipients of the first Twitter Data Grant. The competitive program was launched by Twitter to connect researchers with Twitter data for real-world applications. The Twitter Data Grant map visualizes flood-related Tweets across Jakarta between November 2013 and February 2014.

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