Peta Bencana Foundation at the University of Tarumanagara


In preparedness for the 2017-2018 monsoon season, the Peta Bencana Foundation is launching a series of lecture events  in collaboration with universities across Indonesia. On the 8th of November 2017, we kicked off this program at the Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate, Engineering Faculty, University of Tarumanagara, Jakarta.

The talk organized by Peta Bencana,  “Using Social Media and Open Source Software as Infrastructure for Climate Change Adaptation”, was attended by 56 participants (27 male, 29 female). The head of the urban division from the Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate, Dr. Ir. Parino Rahardjo, M.M, warmly welcomed the foundation and opened the event.

In discussing the ways by which the public platform,, supports individual and collective decision making during disaster events, students expressed their enthusiasm, pulling out their phones and taking selfies to practice participating in community disaster mapping. Participants practiced submitting reports through social media (Twitter) and instant messaging (Telegram), and were immediately able to view their contributions on the map.

The University of Tarumanagara warmly presented Peta Bencana with one of their publications,  as a memento of the event. Both organizations are enthusiastic for the partnership to continue alongside similar partnerships in Indonesia, with the hope of building well informed and resilient communities across the country.