Community-led information sharing shapes disaster response during city-wide flooding in Medan

Community-led information sharing through supports response and relief efforts as severe flooding strikes Medan

Heavy rainfall from February 27 to February 28th inundated almost the entire city of Medan, with some areas experiencing flood waters up to 2 meters high.

According to first-hand reports submitted to, the extreme weather has blocked major thoroughfares as embankments burst under the increasing intensity of rainfall. Residents have been sharing real-time updates through the platform to help keep each other informed, and support response efforts.

According to the Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) extreme rainfall is expected to continue in the coming weeks across several areas in Indonesia, including Sumatra and Java.

We remind residents to check for up-to-date information. Residents can also submit real-time flood reports by tweeting #banjir @petabencana, sending a Facebook message to, or sending a Telegram message to @bencanabot. When we share what we see, everyone can stay informed, avoid danger, and reduce risk together!

Photo submitted to PetaBencana – community organized open kitchens offer safe spaces for flood affected residents.